Wellness Power Trio


Introducing the T&B Wellness Power Trio

Reishi Chai, Roasted Root Chai and Berry Blossom Tea

Now is the perfect time to treat yourself right with T&B Wellness Power Trio of Reishi Chai, Roasted Root Chai and Berry Blossom Tea.  Enjoyed daily, these high-potency teas are not only packed with powerful immunity building ingredients, they taste amazing!

Berry Blossom Tea; Loaded with vitamin C, dietary fiber and antioxidants, it’s a A favorite morning alternative  to sugar-bomb juices and smoothies (yes, even the 100% fruit versions). This powerhouse of a tea blend combines antioxidant-rich elderberries, with hibisucus, green tea and rosehips in a fruity and flavorful treat.  Delicious hot or iced.

Reishi Chai;  A tantalizing blend of traditional chai herbs and spices, this energizing tea also features organic reishi mushrooms.  Also known as Ling Zhi in Chinese, reishis strong anti-inflammatory properties are attributed to longevity, better immune function and mental clarity.

And introducing an exciting new blend, Roasted Root Chai.  A customer favorite, this spicy blend is delicious hot or iced.  Packed with high potency ingredients like astragalus root, licorice root and ginger, it packs a strong immune-strengthening punch.

Rethink your drink with energy and immunity boosting T&B chai.  Purchase all 3 and enjoy free shipping!