The Goods

Tonic & Bloom Hand Blended Energy Teas

Ready to recharge, refresh and rejuvenate?

Tonic & Bloom energy teas are hand-blended to unleash the full flavor of the whole herbs and spices carefully chosen to complement each unique blend.

Sourced in Portland, Oregon, Tonic & Bloom energy teas are naturally sugar-free, for organic energy without the sugar/caffeine peaks and crashes.

Whether you drink it for rich, complex taste or the natural energy uplift, find your way to balance with Tonic & Bloom!

Mindfully packaged to use 75% less material than conventionally packaged teas


Hand blended for a unique twist on the traditional chai spice mix.
Plenty of ginger, licorice root and cinnamon help to support digestion, and balance blood sugar levels in this rich and flavorful blend.

This invigorating blend contains ashwagandha, an herb which provides neuroprotection, anticancer effects, enhanced virility, and can even stave off anxiety, plus a dash of espresso for energy uplift without the jitters. Perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up which won’t keep you awake all night long.

This velvety treat is rich in cacao, an ingredient loaded with antioxidants and magnesium. Cacao is the raw (and healthy) form of chocolate known to contribute to cardiovascular health. It contains the molecule PEA, which is shown to improve mood; probably why we love chocolate so much!

Our Signature Energy Chai Blend paired with a sturdy stainless-steel tea infuser in a package perfect for gifting.

3 full-sized energy chai blends, a sleek, stainless steel tea infuser and Hi-Chi Energy Mist, an essential oil custom blend designed to invigorate the senses.