Tea for Wellness

How to Tap into the Simple Joy of Tea

By Elizabeth Borelli / August 19, 2020

A daily loose-leaf tea habit keeps you healthy-hydrated with loads of wellness benefits: tea contains antioxidants, has been shown to strengthen your immune system, may help with weight loss, and soothes the digestive system. A cup of tea is associated with ceremony, positive energy and relaxation. It’s inexpensive and delicious, a low calorie treat to…

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Introducing the T&B Wellness Power Trio

By Elizabeth Borelli / August 14, 2020

Introducing the T&B Wellness Power Trio Reishi Chai, Roasted Root Chai and Berry Blossom Tea SPECIAL: Click here to purchase all 3 today and enjoy free shipping! Have you ever felt so passionate about a subject you just can’t put it down? I know since completing my plant based nutrition certification in 2012, I’ve been…

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4 Prevention Power Foods to Stave Off Sickness this Season

By Elizabeth Borelli / January 19, 2018

With cold and flu season in full swing, my kitchen is like an apothecary turned tea room, with jars of herbs everywhere, teas for every symptom, and a constant stream of dirty teacups.  My girls, 13 and 15, recently developed flu symptoms one after the other, as round the family it went, until I was…

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