Elizabeth Borelli

4 Simple Holiday Happiness Tips

By Elizabeth Borelli / December 11, 2018

With holidays in full swing, it’s hard to ignore the hailstorm of glittery magazine ads, TV commercials and gift lists.  So it’s barely surprising that this time meant for focus on family, appreciation and sharing tends to turn into a combination stressfest spending spree. Fortunately, it’s easy to try a different kind of holiday this…

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Are you at Peak Energy?

By Elizabeth Borelli / May 16, 2018

Have you ever been sick with the flu when all you wanted to do was lay in bed, but somehow you were unable to take the time you needed to rest?  Maybe you had to manage the kids or complete an important project, so you felt compelled to slog through the exhaustion.  How did that…

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7 High Energy Tips to Rock Your Day

By Elizabeth Borelli / May 9, 2018

Years of experience coaching groups and individuals toward reaching their goals has taught me one thing. Energy matters. And most of us report wanting more of it. Several years ago I had the amazing experience of working with a VNA (visiting nurses association) in Santa Cruz that really drove this point home for me. I…

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Read the Label, Lose 9 Pounds

By Elizabeth Borelli / April 6, 2018

One of the things I love about my job is how differently clients approach the path to personal growth.  Yet one goal many of my clients have in common is the improved health and fitness they know they’ll experience as a result of weight loss. My approach to helping a client to achieve a weight-related…

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chai latte recipe

Journey to the Perfect Chai Latte

By Elizabeth Borelli / February 28, 2018

I’ve tasted dozens of chai teas since my initial discovery about 15 years ago, but none compared to my first chai latte experience.  There was a chai guy in Santa Cruz, CA who founded a company called Up and Atom. This chai was like nothing I’d tasted. Made from a combination of whole herbs and…

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Impact Tip for Energy and Weight Management

By Elizabeth Borelli / February 2, 2018

Elizabeth shares her favorite impact tip for energy and weight management in the 2-minute video.

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4 Prevention Power Foods to Stave Off Sickness this Season

By Elizabeth Borelli / January 19, 2018

With cold and flu season in full swing, my kitchen is like an apothecary turned tea room, with jars of herbs everywhere, teas for every symptom, and a constant stream of dirty teacups.  My girls, 13 and 15, recently developed flu symptoms one after the other, as round the family it went, until I was…

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The Truth about Sugar

By Elizabeth Borelli / January 9, 2018

Years ago, following my book launch, I was browsing the produce section of my local grocery when I bumped into a woman I knew. We’ll call her Jane. As Jane cornered me in the bulk foods aisle, she clearly had a burning question she’d been waiting to ask. She briefly congratulated me on my book, then…

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The Secret to Keeping Your Resolutions this Year

By Elizabeth Borelli / January 1, 2018

As we roll into the new year, armed with positive visions for the future, some of us are still figuring out just where to begin this fresh new start. While many of us are setting goals, I’ve heard even more complaints of post-holiday exhaustion, where simply reaching a point of recovery from all the stress…

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5 Steps to Avoiding Emotional Trigger Traps

By Elizabeth Borelli / December 26, 2017

As a coach, much of the work I do we do circles back to the body-mind connection.  It only makes sense, feeling better physically translates back to a calmer and happier you.  That said, even the more mindful among us know that staying calm in emotionally charged situations is easier said than done.  Take this…

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