What I’ve noticed after years of coaching people through breakthrough transition, is that success is always energy-driven. Whether it’s focus, fear or follow-through you’re struggling with, mapping your change management strategy back to your daily energy patterns is key to success.

I'm Elizabeth Borelli, NextCareer Coach, with a passion for wellness. One thing I know for sure; when you're nourished, rested and engaged both physically and emotionally, you're functioning at your energy peak. You’re more peppy, positive and present.  You’re able to able to bounce back from challenges more easily and find the motivation you need to move forward.

Unfortunately, most people don't realize that many of the regular activities they do every day are energy draining, leaving them feeling overwhelmed, stressed and stuck.  Often they don’t even realize the impact a few simple changes can make to their quality of life.

How do I merge both areas of expertise?  My programs and resources at www.NextCareerCoaching.com help my clients to find their path, reach their goals and rock their life.

My new Tonic & Bloom Energy Chai line of wellness teas are perfect for busy people who want to prioritize high energy living, every day.

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Elizabeth Borelli,

NextCareer Coach with an eye on wellness

Find your Energy, Reach your Goals, Rock your Life!

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