I’m Elizabeth Borelli, a certified coach with years of experience helping people to get unstuck and move forward toward reaching their goals.  As a cookbook author and self-professed foodie, I've been crafting and sharing recipes for as long as I can remember.

Back in the day, I loved to create the most delicious meals using high quality ingredients and then inviting friends to join me for real time satisfaction ratings. a true win-win.  Later in my forties, living in Santa Cruz CA, I was inspired by pioneers in healthy eating like my friend John Robbins, I began to rethink my food choices.  I learned that healthy and delicious can happily co-exist.

 The experience of working with hundreds of clients has taught me firsthand that high energy living is a combination of mindset and lifestyle choices.

I created Tonic & Bloom line of wellness teas for busy people who want to prioritize high energy living without feeling deprived.  My goal is to make healthy eating more fun and satisfying than any "happy meal" could ever be.

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