Tonic & Bloom Energy Chai Blends

These hand-crafted energy brews are more than just a great cup of tea!

Hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon, Tonic & Bloom Energy Chai is made from ingredients actively sourced for health, energy and weight loss benefits, blended into intricate and unbeatable flavor combinations.


More than just a brilliant cup of tea...

It's so easy to replace sugary smoothies, lattes and energy drinks with an uber-energizing delicious alternative, without the empty calories.  Steep by the cup or the French Press-full and enjoy hot, iced, or latte-ed up with your favorite plant or dairy milk and a sprinkle of stevia for an uplifting treat any time of day.

I hope you love these chais as much as the growing group of Oregon tea lovers who regularly enjoy them. I promise, the extra energy boost (without the sugar crash) will be just as sweet!


The Happy Planet Diet

Stay tuned for the December release of Happy Planet Diet; Plant-based-diet on a budget, with 80+ deliciously easy recipes you'll fall in love with. So excited to share it with you!