Tonic & Bloom Energy Chai Blends

more than just a great cup of tea

Hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon, Tonic & Bloom Energy Chai is made from the perfect blend of carefully sourced ingredients for a spicy brew blooming with energy benefits.  Steep by the cup or the French Press-full and enjoy straight up, or latte with your favorite plant or dairy milk and a touch of honey for a rich and satisfying treat any time of day.

More than just a brilliant cup of tea...

As a true foodie, I've been crafting and sharing healthy, home-made goodness for as long as I can remember.

I’m Elizabeth Borelli, a certified career coach with years of experience helping people to get unstuck and move forward toward reaching their goals. The experience of working with hundreds of clients has taught me firsthand that high energy living is a combination of mindset and lifestyle choices. My goal is to make healthy living more fun and satisfying than any "happy meal" could ever be.

I hope you love these chais as much as the growing group of Oregon tea lovers. I promise, the extra energy boost (without the sugar crash) is just as sweet!