Find Your Energy, Reach Your Goals, Rock Your Life!

Ready to recharge, refresh and rejuvenate?

Tonic & Bloom’s small batch, botanical blends are more than just a great cup of tea.  Made from pure, energy balancing ingredients like reishi mushroom, aswaghanda, cacao and L-theanine, our rich and delicious hand-blended chais are blooming with benefits for energy, health and weight control.

Avoid the sugar highs, caffeine crashes and unhealthy additives associated with most energy drinks. 

Find your way to balance with Tonic & Bloom!

Reach Your Energy Peak!

Tonic & Bloom stemmed from the knowledge that when we’re nourished and engaged both physically and emotionally, we’re functioning at peak energy. We’re more focused, positive and present.

I’m Elizabeth Borelli, a certified coach with years of experience helping people to get unstuck and move forward toward reaching their goals. The experience of working with hundreds of clients has taught me firsthand that high energy living is a combination of mindset and lifestyle choices. My goal is to share simple shifts you can use every day to reach your peak potential.

My products, programs and resources can help you to make simple shifts in everyday living to find your energy, reach their goals and rock your life!

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